i hear there's this new controversial ad back in the philippines. its an alchohol ad that says "nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse aņos?"(have you ever tried a 15 year old?). it seems to be stirring quite a lot of attention. a lot of people want the ad to be taken down and ripped into pieces. but wtf is wrong with it anyways? they say its derogatory for women. especially the teenagers. but cmon! i happen to find it to be a very good ad and applaud whoever thought of it. its witty and funny. but these feminists think everything is all about them. with their kind of thinking, it can also be turned around the other way. what about those horny old maids, eh? or those dirty ol pedos? that kinse ad could also apply to them regarding young boys. not only you women. but thats not my point. its not the ad that has the problem. its those who see it and interpret it in that way. you're the ones that are sick. you're the ones that are dirrrtay.pretending that you're all conservative and shit. sorry but i just hate those pretentious fools with their holier than thou crap. makes me really, really sick.

Posted at 31.3.04 by EnTrOpY
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im baaack

havent posted in a while. been so busy. but expect me to post more frequently coz as of tomorrow, im through with my classes. so hang tight.

Posted at 29.3.04 by EnTrOpY
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The Simple Mind

last night, i have witnessed the epitome of the stereotyped blonde girl. and her name is paris hilton. she and her friend nicole ritchie has this show called 'the simple life' where they are made to live in a farm. last night was the first episode and that was enough to find out how funny this show is goin to be. for one thing, paris has no idea what walmart is. she went like "is that a place where they sell walls?" good god. not knowing what walmart is can be excusable since she is filthy rich and may never have entered one. but saying that its a shop for walls? but i wasnt really surprised. check out the ff scene that happened before that one. when they were first showed their room, they saw a sealed up well in the middle of the floor. the dialogue sorta went like this:

paris: what is that?
mom: a well.
paris: a real well?
mom: yeah.
paris: whats a well for?
mom: for collecting water...
paris to nicole: we have well in the middle of our room.

i mean it figures, doesnt it? she's not only a slut, she's as dumb as a post. simple indeed.

Posted at 19.1.04 by EnTrOpY
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